11 Whatsapp Hidden Features Worth Knowing

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Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most popular messaging application in the present day world. All its users are aware of the various features it has. But that’s only partially true. There are quite a few features which the users are still not quite aware of.

We shall list down 11 whatsapp hidden features which the users should know for an optimum utilization of the application. These features are not visible evident but come in very handy as we use the app quite frequently.

1 Converstion Messages can be Added to Favourites

Place and hold your finger over the message you want to add to the favourites, a new window would pop up. From the options listed in the window select the star option. The message is now saved in your favourites and you can view them by going to Settings>Starred Messages.

2 Voice Message Cancellation

In case you want to stop sending a voice message or resend it, all you have to do is slide your finger to the left and the message will not be sent. You can now record the message from the beginning and send it.

3 Send Quicker Messages

This feature serves the best for the people who chat very often. You can send messages faster by just clicking the Enter key. To activate this go to Settings>Chats and activate the ‘Enter to Send’ option.

4 Shortcuts to your Favourites

Have a friend whom you chat with frequently? Create a shortcut for them on your phone’s home screen. Having done that you can access this chat just like any other app icon. To do this go to Settings of that conversation>Click more>Create Shortcut. You can now see an icon on the home screen.

5 Sending Message to Multiple Recipients Simultaneously

Go to new Broadcast list from the Main Menu and select all the contacts/groups you want to send a message to. To send it to selected recipients in private chats press the send

6 Bold Text

Type the text you want to be in bold in between two asterisk (*). It will be sent in a bold format.

7 Italic Text

Type the text you want to be in Italics in between two underscores (_), and it will now be in Italics.

8 Strike through Text

Type the text you want to be in strike through format in between two swung dashes (~)…and it is done!

9 Changing the Size of the Font

You can increase the font size by going to Settings>Chat>Font size and select the desired font size.

10 Email a Particular Chat History

You can email a particular chat by clicking the Menu of that conversation>More>Send Chat History. You can now send it from your email application to the desired recipient.

11 Try Whatsapp Features Before Anyone Can

Try the latest whatsapp features even before they are released for the public. All you have to do is just click on the below link and follow the instruction. This is android specific feature.

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