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Is it Possible to Appear Facebook Offline.Let’s Know How?

incognito facebook

Incognito Mode is the Solution to Appear Facebook Offline Messenger 2018 It is a different feeling when you sit and enjoy being online on Facebook and your friends have no information regarding this, the best way is to enjoy on Facebook without showing online to others.Is it possible to do so, go deeply with this article to know interesting facts? This fact is true; you can be appear offline Facebook.Any of your friends and family members will not have information ...

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Process of taking Android Screenshot 2018

android screenshot

There are Four ways to Complete this Process and you can also Record the Process. Read till the End. The most known process to take Screenshot is to hold the Power Button and Volume-Down Button after that a flash appears on the Phone Screen and a notification will be seen on the top section of the phone.Notification will be visible if you slide down the screen and that image will be stored in the Gallery. There are few devices which ...

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Steps for Updating your Android Gadgets 2018

android update

Understand thoroughly the Steps to Install and Download Updated Android 2018 The biggest or critical situation is to keep your Phone Updated always, if you want to use new features on your phone it is sure that the phone must be updated. This is because all the devices do not work similar, so update is necessary. This situation may also arise when your phone or tablet is of older version or if it does not support the new versions. To ...

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Facebook is making out of your Status. Check out How It Can is Possible a Whatsapp Update!

whatsapp documents

A lot of new features launched in whatsapp status which are similar to Instagram and Snapchat stories. A biggest update in whatsapp Vice president “Chris Daniels” of whatsapp made a strong statement on Wednesday that they are going to start advertisement over status to the users. This is planned by the Facebook owned company to make money out of it. Daniels made his tour to India to share knowledge with the citizens of India regarding the chances of fake news, ...

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Process of Adding Songs to your Status over Facebook

add Facebook status song

Facebook has come up with different features and attracted its users. Now, it is going to start an amazing feature. Where users can add songs to their photos or videos and post it on status. This is already a trend feature on Instagram. We can see this new feature on Instagram and Facebook is going on the same way. Facebook has come up with different features and attracted its users. Now, it is going to start an amazing feature. Where ...

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Warming! Delete all your Whatsapp Messages

hide whatsapp profile picture whatsapp ads

The best app to make Private Messages is Whatsapp. This will be the answer that strikes first to every individual. Whatsapp is the popular chatting app in the words. It is one of the Facebook owned app. But according to the latest information, all the users are warned to delete their Whatsapp messages. Warming! Delete all your WP Messages According to some reports we got information that through WP 60 billion messages are sent daily and 1.5 million users are ...

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Top 5 Best of 2018 Android PDF Reader Apps


We all are very keen regarding the PDF Readers. They are stated as the complicate ones. We make use of these in our work to fill forms (or) to create something. These are even useful to read eBooks, but they create a lot disturbance. Here, you can have an idea of best 5 PDF Reader apps. Similar as above In this Article we made a List of the Viewers: 1) Light Readers 2) The one who does not like ads ...

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Process to Unlock your Phone with Fingerprint Scanner

fingureprint scanner

Welcome to a Different Concept, Today lets Understand How to Unlock your Phone with Fingerprint These very unique features on android.Today I am going to help you to find Fingerprint Option in your phone and tell you briefly about the process. This problem can be easily sorted if you read this article. Why do we need fingerprint? How is it useful? Fingerprint can be also known as Biometric. This will unlock your android devices.It is used instead of passwords and ...

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How can you use Incognito Mode in YouTube

Incognito Mode

Here is the Process of using Incognito Mode in Android You must keep the update version of YouTube in your phone and also check the internet connection. You cannot enable this feature with older version of YouTube.You need to open your Google play store and update. So keep on auto-update on, it will update the app whenever the internet is connected. Then you can see an open option in your latest version of YouTube. Open the Latest version of the ...

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Lets us Understand the use of Incognito Mode on YouTube

Incognito Mode on YouTube

You need to keep view history of your YouTube secure. This can be possible if your turn on the incognito mode in your YouTube. It will not store any of your YouTube activities in your computers or phone .keep a view on this article to get more information about incognito mode. In today’s world YouTube has mode its place; it is a video streaming service which is used widely all over the world. It is running to vast places with ...

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