5 Tips to Keep your Whatsapp Secure

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Whatsapp is a popular platform on Social Media. This is a Best Chatting App in Global. The Fame brought a lot of attention towards it. Here Started journey of nefarious Sources Such as Hackers became the part of Whatsapp attention. So to keep all your Whatsapp Account Secure and avoid Unwanted Sources attention follows these 5 Simple Tips.

Two-Step Verification

This tip is very much helpful to the users. It gives an extra level of security to you. There will be an increase in the level of Security. To start this tip you need to click on the three dots bar on the top right Corner. You will find “Setting” Click on it and “Account” bar Appears on the top. Click on it and tap on the “Two-Step Verification” bars. They will ask you whether to enable it click on it. Then you need to enter a 6- Digit Code to secure you Whatsapp even if you (or) others open your Whatsapp in other Device.

Whatsapp Locks

There is no such lock function to activate over Whatsapp. The Interesting fact is that you have lot of Third Party App to do so. Whatsapp has End -to-End Encryption to secure your Data. But there is Plenty of Situations that can be a part to keep all your Sensitive Conversation into Risk, Example: Your Phone may be Lost (or) Stolen. Imagine that your Phone is stolen and your chats are in the hand of Strangers. I feel the Imagination is terrified. So, to avoid such Terrible Situations follow chat Lock.

Deactivate the Whatsapp Account if Lost

If you already facing the Terrible Situation and have not applied the tip “2” Then don’t  worry you have tip”3” Which is boon, All you need to do so, Send an email to the Support  @ Whatsapp.com by Saying the Situation and Insert your phone Number . They will Immediately Deactivate your Whatsapp Account. To do so you’re Phone Number must have the International Dialing Code.

Hide Last Seen

Hide Whatsapp Photos from Gallery

This is the best tip for many. It Creates a Problem to a lot of users, who always delete the Whatsapp Photos over Gallery. To solve this Problem, Go to phones File Manager and Click on Whatsapp Image Folder. There you have a Chance to Create .nomedia File. Which will make all your Media items Hidden? You can happily show your rest of the Photos to your Friends over Gallery.

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