Amazing Features of Whatsapp: The Use of Iphone Feature in Android

Use of Iphone Feature in Android

The New and Unique Feature of Whatsapp

  • As we have seen there are many unique features started by whatsapp at present whatsapp has become an important app to each and every person. It is also used in business to transfer the personal data. Looking at all these whatsapp is again launching another interesting feature.
  • To avoid all the misuse raised from whatsapp it started a new feature where it sends notification to the forward messages. it will help the users to understand that the sent message is forwarded. Till today this new feature is used only by the iphone users and now whatsapp is bringing this feature for its users to experience the way of chatting
  • .”Swipe to reply” is the new feature which is going to launch by whatsapp for android users and the company is working on this process. you need to swipe the selected message to the right side and you can reply to the selected messages.this will be easy to the user’s to reply the selected messages.
  • The whatsapp beta info reports mentioned that all these features will be so only used by the android users when they update the app so, this will help the android user’s to make their chatting process quicker.
  • Swipe to reply feature is very simple to use. This is used to swipe the selected message from any of your chat and reply to that message. As soon as you swipe the selected message, it will appear in your precious time because you no longer need to hold the message to appear in reply section.

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