Amazing News! You can watch all the YouTube Videos within other Apps. Let’s know how?

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The Company Started its work on Upcoming New Feature Picture-in-Picture Mode over WhatsApp. Follow this News to know how it will Work.

This is one of the important features on WhatsApp. This will allow the users to watch the Videos streaming on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram over WhatsApp. The users need not leave the WhatsApp chat to watch the sent link video. There is no need to open the third-party apps to watch the video. In earlier times there are no such options; user must open the third-party app to view the video.

To utilize this feature user need to enroll with the beta software because it is not available to all the users of Android. By enrolling beta application you can even make use of other features over WhatsApp.  To do so the user has to make payment.

If you want to try this new feature you need to Download the beta software from your Google play store app.  First search WhatsApp and click on “becomes a beta tester” and later download it. This even allows you to join the beta program.

After the completion of above process you should open the YouTube and click the bar forward on the top right corner of the phone screen.  Then you can forward the selected video to any of your chat or group. You can see that the video will display with a title and beta, description link. If you want to play the video tab on it.

You can see that the video will start on the WhatsApp chat and you can adjust the video box on the screen without disturbing or closing the chat. Most important note to be remembered is that you cannot make any changes with the video because you won’t get controls over YouTube videos.

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