Best Android Apps 2018 in the World

Today we are going to make your day and mood interesting by showing you amazing facts of World’s Best Android Apps. All these apps have become essentials in our life, we Download every different app from the well known technical app store of Google it’s our Google Play Store.

Most Popular Android Apps 2018

5 Best Android Apps 2018

We all are very much eager for the New Year to make different resolutions our social media has fulfilled all its 2018 resolutions by launching unique features which attracted the users.These amazing features were very comfortable for the user to express their feelings with others in an interesting way.

We cannot move our head sideward’s for the question, does mobile application an essential part of your life? The invention of android, ios, Tabs, Pc’s, and Smartphone made our world with a bunch of applications.So when the users increase then their tastes also increases,every individual has their own tastes.If we talk in the Marketing language it is said as Perception.So to satisfy all the users Social Media launched various features.

Therefore to know how Social Media satisfied its users lets jump into the article and get an answer for our doubtful question.This article will show you the list of Best Android Apps. Amazing matter is that these apps are most used apps by the users globally. Let’s not waste our time by lagging the introduction.


whatsapp ikv1

What could be your answer if I ask you to say which the most popular chatting application is? Without wasting a second the answer will be WhatsApp. This app is ruling under the gaint Social network Facebook. Every individual showing their interest towards WhatsApp because of its new features

WhatsApp is very much comfortable for the users to make conversation with their loved ones. It has an availability to make a group chat, which is an interesting idea of the giant Social network Facebook. It is built in with different features such as voice messages and Gifs. Recently another interesting feature has been launched by WhatsApp called stickers. This new feature is helpful for the user to communicate expressively.


messenger ikv

When we want to communicate to a person who is not in our contact list then Messenger is the best application. It is the chatting application of the Facebook, where the user needs to connect with one whom they want to communicate. But being the messaging application of Facebook it could not grab the first place. It is not that successful as WhatsApp which already took the first position. According to the reports till date more than millions of people downloaded WhatsApp.

Facebook always give its full to work harder for the launch of new features; therefore it added various interesting features to its messaging app Messenger. Messenger gave a try for the new update UI.



Now-a-days we can see the craze for short videos which are running to its peak in the world. Tik-Tok is such a platform where users can make short videos over their smart phones. Not only making videos you can add effects, edit, filter and create interesting with stickers. This is the quick way of exploring your acting skills and also an easiest way to create a video. After making all the effects you can post the video in your Tik-Tok account.

As we are talking about the most popular applications, surprisingly a TiK-Tok stand in the third place with approximately 100 million downloads. People are showing their interest towards this latest creation.


facebook ikv

The fourth place is captured by Facebook with more than 1 billion downloads. It is the giant Social network in the world but could not grab the first place. The recent reports stated that many users of Facebook have stopped using it and the rest are going in the same path. If this happens in the later years Facebook will even lose its present place.

At present after all these hurdles it even managed to stand in this place in the year 2018. Let’s all hope that even in future it should grab its place in the list of Best Android Apps 2018 in the World.


instagram ikv

Let’s now come to an end by discussing our last application Instagram. The best application for posting photos and videos with effects to it is Instagram. In the earlier times it is used for the photo sharing but later it started to share videos and can also communicate. This became an amazing application to share your memorable moments with all your dear ones. As this works under Facebook, it also launched various new features to attract the users.

When we talk about the popularity of this application it has more than 1 billion downloads. All the above discussed popular applications of Social Media can be downloaded from the only technical app store none other than Google Play Store.

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