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Best Free eBooks for the user’s of Android

ebooks reader 2019

In a busy day if you want to refresh from work (or) any other disturbance of life the good idea is to read a book. A book not only refreshes your mind but also give positivity around you. The increase of technology made once life easier. Now-a-days you can read the books on your device. It is handy and controllable .there is few people who forget to carry books in their busy life. So such problems are solved with these ...

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4 Best Apps to Share Application on Android 2019

Transfer File app 2019

At present we can see that android Smartphone is having its place in the top of the market. You will be having variety of app collection in your Google Play Store. Sometimes you regret that you could not share the apps to your friends. So, to avoid all these you need to install the app shares on your device. Best 4 App Shares File on Android Apk App Shares through Bluetooth: This is the first app shares application. Here, you ...

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Best 5 Radio Apps Available for Android in 2019

Fm radio 2019

These are few Smartphone’s which do not have radio apps inbuilt. So, for those who are facing this can download it from Google Play Store for free. The Most Frequent question is how can we get the best radio apps? Read the Article to get 5 Best Radio Apps Live 365 Radios: This is the best radio app in the world. It is delianed with various online networks. Which are maintained with thousands of stations? There are done by different ...

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5 Best Voice Applications for Android 2019

Voice Search for Android 2019

There are few people who have lack of information regarding the voice application that is offered for free on the Android smartphones.Google Play Store offer’s various apps for voice application. Through this article you will get an idea regarding the apps that you can download for Voice Application. Mega Voice Changer This is the Best Voice Changer Application which is available for free in the Android play Store. This provides you different effects Such as you can change, alter, and ...

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Best Android Apps 2018 in the World

Most Popular Android Apps 2018

Today we are going to make your day and mood interesting by showing you amazing facts of World’s Best Android Apps. All these apps have become essentials in our life, we Download every different app from the well known technical app store of Google it’s our Google Play Store. 5 Best Android Apps 2018 We all are very much eager for the New Year to make different resolutions our social media has fulfilled all its 2018 resolutions by launching unique ...

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Process of taking Android Screenshot 2018

android screenshot

There are Four ways to Complete this Process and you can also Record the Process. Read till the End. The most known process to take Screenshot is to hold the Power Button and Volume-Down Button after that a flash appears on the Phone Screen and a notification will be seen on the top section of the phone.Notification will be visible if you slide down the screen and that image will be stored in the Gallery. There are few devices which ...

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Top 5 Best of 2018 Android PDF Reader Apps


We all are very keen regarding the PDF Readers. They are stated as the complicate ones. We make use of these in our work to fill forms (or) to create something. These are even useful to read eBooks, but they create a lot disturbance. Here, you can have an idea of best 5 PDF Reader apps. Similar as above In this Article we made a List of the Viewers: 1) Light Readers 2) The one who does not like ads ...

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Top 5 Free Android Antivirus Apps to Secure Mobile for Virus

best antivirus android

In the modern world human without a Smart phone would be called a Myth. We use modern gadgets for many purpose for calling, chatting, video connects, click pictures, and capture moments in form of videos and clicks. Beside all this we use many apps in which we use lot of personal and confidential data. As our devices have all our details right from our birthday information to bank details do you think are we safe. Think of a situation where ...

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