Change Instagram Settings for Lesser Data Usage

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Instagram is one of the most important social media applications in modern times. Henceforth it is good that you timely check Instagram Settings and be updated.

Data Usage Control

One characteristic feature of Instagram is that it completely depends on the videos and images. Unlike other applications where text is a predominant factor, the image/video dependency of Instagram consumes a major bandwidth of your data.

The app developers are aware of this and there is a feature in instagram that helps you with a Less Data consumption. To enable it launch the application, go to your personal profile and open the Instagram settings tab.

Under the many options given there would be one such option that would say Mobile Data Usage, click on it.

This feature is by default disabled. Click on it to turn it on, there would be a message under it which says “Using Less Mobile Data may affect your experience on instagram as Pics or Videos may take longer to load.”

This option does not really hamper your experience with the application. You can still see pics and videos on the application feed but some of them may take a few seconds longer. However the High Data Usage is curbed upon which may happen due to a quick video preload.

This feature may sometimes not be available on your instagram app. But neither the phone nor the app is to be blamed for Perhaps the application is not updated and an outdated version is being used. All you have to do is go to the update menu and make sure that Instagram is updated post which you should not be having any issues.

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