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The best antivirus for Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7 32-bit / 64-bit OS is Bitdefender Free Antivirus Plus and can be downloaded.This antivirus is popular and also an award–winning feature, it provides security to your PC from not effected by malwares, hackers, e-threats and virus.This Bitdefender trial is available to you in a pack of 30-day trial version & Pro version.

Bitdefender Free Antivirus Plus Review / Free Download:

This feature is an advance version of all your previous versions and it enhances the total security to the PC. This provides people with anti-spyware, anti-spam ransom ware, root kit.  The new feature has been packed in such a way that it is available with a bitdefender trail  pack of 30 days  and later you have to renew it again to the pro version from the market at a cost of 30.99$. We get this new feature in both defender trial and pro version.

New features of Bitdefender Free Antivirus plus Software:

For the startups it is said to be the best antivirus. This antivirus has a parental control over the system. It has an amazing fact; Antispam does not allow the third party and viruses from entering into the system. There is availability of anti malware  fights against all the malware activities that are entering in the form of viruses, worms and etc, this will affect the system and the user have to pay for it. Anti spyware helps in blocking the site which enables different other spyware.

Updating the new version of Bitdefender Free 2018 Antivirus Software:

21.0.22 is the recent version of Bitdefender Free Antivirus Edition and can be downloaded free with an 11.29 MB size. This can be available for both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. The installation is easy because it can be done through Bitdefender Official antivirus CD and the requirement for the startup space is 2 GB. It can be installed on Windows installation hard disk. If we compare this new version with Norton Antivirus, everyone finds it to be best.

Why it is Secure when compared to Other Antivirus Software’s:

It is stated to be the best when compared with rest of the antivirus is just because of its bitdefender total security download. The bitdefender total security download can be complete only when there is an availability of ransom ware, spyware, malware and zero exploits on the running. This is provides for both be it Windows or Mac systems.

Buy Bitdefender Free Antivirus Online:

Online purchase of Bitdefender Antivirus CD pro at 30.99$ .


My best suggestion to you is to download/purchase Bitdefender Free Antivirus because of its total security.

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