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Let us Know the Complete Process of Downloading Instagram Photos from any Android Device

The first thing comes to our mind when we talk about popular photo-sharing of Social media “Instagram”. Millions of people create their Instagram account and share their interesting photos.  But there arises a problem when you want to save a photo to your phone gallery. Let’s take an example if you clicked a picture with the Instagram in-app camera and forget to save that photo to your Android phone. The biggest mistake that everybody does is they delete the original photo accidently or due to some other reason.

To solve all these problems they started a new feature to download your photos from Instagram. Till today you took the help of third-party apps, screenshots, bookmarking to download the photos from Instagram, but now the Instagram’s new feature will solve all your problems regarding the download of pictures. In a single process you can download the photos from Instagram.

The most important thing you need to keep in your mind while following the new feature of Instagram is that never download the pictures of an unknown user or any of your friends without permission. As you have an option to download pictures it does not mean you can misuse it in a wrong way. Always respect other user.  Instagram has a copyright policy for its new feature.

Steps to be Followed:

It became a big problem because the user cannot download all the information and save to their phone. As this problem was raised with Facebook and later it gave an option to download all the information. Now Instagram is allowing its users to download their photos, data and other information without the involvement of third-party apps, screenshots. Follow the below steps to Download the Picture from Instagram.

Step 1: Choose any device of your choice and login to your Instagram account. Click on your Profile.

Step 2: Click on the three line bar on the top right corner of your screen and in the bottom you will find a gear symbol saying Settings. Click on settings. As you swipe you can find “Privacy and Settings” heading.

 Step 3: In the “Privacy and Settings” heading as you swipe down you can see “Data Download’ option. Click on it you will get a blue bar saying “Request Download”. Tap on the Link.

Step 4: As you click on the link you will be asked to enter the Password for confirmation. After the confirmation of the Password you need to wait a wail to continue the reset of the process.

Note: This is very much similar to Facebook after downloading all your information it sends you through an email. Coming to the time of arrival it takes approximately one-two hours to complete the process and sends the link via email.

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