Facebook Messenger is Going to Start a New Format to Unsend Messages

unsend messagesThis new unsend feature of Facebook Messenger is undergoing the format and will be launching very soon. (Source: Reuters)

The popular chat app, Facebook Messenger is going to help its users to delete the unsend messages very soon.

The popular chat app, Facebook Messenger is going to help its users to delete the unsend messages very soon.A Twitter user by a name @ Matt Navarra reported to the Facebook Messenger regarding this development.The Twitter user observed this new unsend feature which was released in the Messengers iOS client as the new version 191.0.This new version says that Unsend Functionality, the user can delete the unsend messages up to 10 minutes after sending the message.If we compare the time limit of new unsend feature with WhatsApp it shows very less approximately 1 hour but the main motto is that it helps its users to avoid the embarrassing moments.

Facebook’s release notes says that: “You can delete a message from any of your chat thread even after sending it. Accidentally you may commit a lot of mistakes say it could be sending a wrong message or a wrong photo or wrong data or any other information to any of your chat thread this fault can be corrected easily by deleting it within 10 minutes of the sent data or message”.

unsend messagesThis new Unsend feature has been undergoing the step-by-step process from a while and in the month of April; the company admitted that it is working because the sent messages of CEO Mark Zuckerberg are being deleted. There are few users whose mailboxes are swiped of Zuckwerberg’s messages and they aren’t informed for this process so the company was forced to ask an apology later.This process of new feature has started to function in October during testing.

The similar feature is been spotted in the Google as it allows its Gmail users to delete the email but they have to choose how to unsend the sent mail. The users have options regarding the delete of the sent mail; they have to choose between 5, 10, 20, and 30 seconds.

However, the unsend feature for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are very much different from Gmail’s. Coming to Google it holds the mail till the chosen time interval of the user and then it sends the mail, whereas if we talk about Facebook unsend messages, it makes a quick delivery of the message as you hit the send icon.Therefore, it gives user a chance to read the sent message within this few seconds even if it is deleted.

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