Follow the steps to make Changes in the Background Image of Google Chrome

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How can we change the personalize Background Image. Let’s follow this article to make changes over Google Chrome.

On the 10th anniversary of Google Chrome browsers planned to launch its big update. We can observe various new features and UI change in the latest version to. Let’s see the new features launched by Google; they are tab icons, icon designs and colour palette. All users can enjoy the new features of Google over their Web, Android and IOS.

The new version of Google chrome started their new features for the users to experience the personalized updates on the browser.

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 Follow the steps to change Personalized Background Image:

  • Click on “Google Chrome” on your PC.
  • On the top right corner you can observe Settings. Click on it.
  • To use default themes for the background on browser you need to click on “ Google Chrome Background”.
  • If you want to keep your own photo as background image, click on “Upload an Image“.
  • By clicking on “Restore Default Background” you can apply it on the Image.

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