GIF Effects for Facebook Messenger

gif effect for fb itechkv

Users of Messenger can also make Changes by Adding Colours to their Chat with different Members.

Recently Facebook’s Messenger Lite started various amazing features for their users such as GIF effects and many other customized features.  This is available only if you Download official Messenger app.

Few months back product manager of Facebook reported that these GIF’s are not similar to the previous one, it’s because these GIF’s are animated. Users can express their feelings differently with these animated GIF for Facebook Messenger.

gif effect facebook itechkv

With the help of the third party keyboard you can send GIF. You have to search for these GIF’s and make the chat more expressive. This is stated by Gali (product manager of Facebook) in the report.

Other interesting feature is that user can make their chats more unique and personal by adding colours and emoji’s to it. They can add different colour to different chats.

The new updates made Facebook’s Messenger Lite app a popular service app. The new update is available for the users with the same 10MB. Over 100 countries can now use this new update of Facebook’s Messenger app.

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