Google Plus Shutting Down on April 2

google plus shut down

Google plus shutting down news has trending all over the globe. At the end of 2018, Google announced their conclusion to close down Google+ for customers by April 2019 because of a decrease in usage and challenges related to keeping a flourishing product that meets consumers’ requirements.

On April 2nd, Google plus services and any related accounts created will be shut down and deletion of content from all consumer Google+ accounts will initiate. All the photos and videos that are in Album Archive and Google plus pages will also be deleted. All the data can be downloaded and saved to your PC, just ensure to do it before the deadline of April 2.

This link will help to download your data:

Note that the videos and photos which are saved or backed up in Google Photos will not be removed.

The complete process of deleting data from every customer’s Google+ accounts, Pages and Album Archive will take some months, and some users might be able to access certain parts via the activity log.

As soon as February 4, you will not have access to generate any new Google+ accounts with regard to profiles, events or communities.

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