How can you easily Turn off Apps Notifications on your Android

The main reason of notifications on your device is to let you know the information regarding the applications. You will get data regarding your favorite application. The continuous ring of the notifications make you feel annoying. The best idea is to Turn Off the notifications for the apps of your choice. There is a positive vibe by doing this feature-you can happily save your battery. Let’s go into the topic quickly and learn how to turn off notifications for the applications over Android devices.

This feature is very much easy to apply and it is almost similar for all other devices. Understand the process carefully:

  • Move to Settings
  • Click on Apps (it is mostly termed as App Manager,Applications, Application Manager, etc.)
  • Swipe all the apps and choose the apps from which you are not interested to receive notifications.
  • Next step is to uncheck the option bar “Show notification”
  • As soon as you do that you will be asked whether you want to turn off notification. Tab on click ok.

Note:Follow the similar process to turn off notifications for the applications. Leave your favorite applications.

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