How can you Hide Profile Picture over WhatsApp from Particular Contacts

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Do you want to hide your WhatsApp profile picture from particular contacts on your Android device? Give a look to this article you will have a solution to this problem. You can easily hide your profile picture by following this article and given steps at the bottom. The contact cannot see your profile picture without getting blocked.

In settings column over WhatsApp you can easily do the privacy settings such as you can change the profile photo settings, WhatsApp status, live location share, lastseen etc. If you follow the process stated in this article carefully you can hide your WhatsApp profile picture from particular contacts.

How can you hide profile picture over WhatsApp from particular contacts

Step 1: Click on WhatsApp on your device

Step 2: On the top right corner you will find three,click on it.

Step 3: Tab on settings

Step 4: Click the Account bar

Step 5:  Click on the Privacy

Step 6: There you will find Profile photo. Click on it

Step 7: Choose one from the given: Everyone / My contacts / Nobody

From the above steps you cannot hide the particular contacts, but follow the process to hide the status from few friends.

Learn the steps to hide from certain contacts:

Here you can select the individual or few contacts to hide your WhatsApp status with the help of privacy settings. Choose the one from given: my contacts / My contacts except for hide status / Only share with options.

WhatsApp > status> status privacy> My contact exception > Select the particular WhatsApp contact > Click on the Right arrow icon

How can you hide last seen over WhatsApp:

Your last seen will be viewed by all the contacts, if you want to hide your last seen from the contacts follow this process and apply.

 WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy > Last seen > Everyone / My contacts / Nobody

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