How can you Keep your Facebook Account Private and Secure?


  •  Every day we find at least 2-3 questions that rise against the security problems of Facebook faced by the users.
  • If you understand these simple steps you can secure the Facebook data

How can you Keep your Facebook Account Private and Secure?

Follow these Steps to keep your Facebook Account Secure and Maintain Private.

Facebook is one of the popular apps where you can find a lot of information about you, but social media is not only a single company that runs all these apps. There are many third-party websites that makes their way towards social media. A recent report stated that 90 million Facebook accounts have been hacked by many hackers and this data was collected by the Facebook engineers, which is also a new feature of this app.

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Unfortunately it is really sad to listen that this is not the first query report against Facebook security; it always faces such questions almost every single day.

In such situation it is very difficult for the users to protect their personal data that is shared on Facebook. Here are few steps you can take to safeguard your Facebook and keep it private:

How can you Keep your Facebook Account Private and Secure?

  • Keep a tab of your apps: The first thing you need to do after understanding all the stuff you have read. Move to Facebook and you should unlink all the other social media apps.First give a look on to the apps that are linked with the Facebook and to delete or unlink them you need to, slide your finger to Settings > then Apps and websites. You will find all the apps and websites that are linked to Facebook to log in. They may ask you for the reason and you need to share with them. Later delete all the apps and websites you do not want to use.
  • Say no to the quizzes: Cambridge Analytical made a creative idea of getting data from Facebook by adding all own quizzes. Here the third-party will be getting all the data they need from your Facebook account. So it’s good to encourage all such weird quizzes that appear on Facebook.
  • Photo privacy settings: By a default Facebook keeps a public view to all posts. So you should be very cautious before posting any of your photos or video, you need to keep ‘only friends’ view while posting. This will help you to keep all your photos secure from the third-party.
  • Login notifications: You should allow the login alerts from Settings. Whenever you receive the notifications regarding the login of your Facebook, it means your account is logged in from an unknown computer or phone. To stop this, move to Security and Login Settings> Get alerts about unrecognized logins and click edit> Choose the area you want to receive alerts> Save changes.
  • Remove location information: Sometimes automatically Facebook allows the location to your posts. This will not be a good sign so everyone must check before posting. It is not that important to tell others about the location information. So always give a look on your posts and try to avoid the location details.
  • Block suspicious friends: You may find a lot of weird things on your friends Facebook postings; it is a sign that your friend’s account is hacked by others. Make a call to your friend and inform about the activity if he or she accepts about the hacking of their account then immediately block their account.
  • Keep your personal details private: Make sure you keep all your personal details say it could be your number, age, address, any other details its good to keep them private. This will secure all your personal data.

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