How can you use Incognito Mode in YouTube

Lets us Understand the use of Incognito Mode on YouTube

Here is the Process of using Incognito Mode in Android

  • You must keep the update version of YouTube in your phone and also check the internet connection.
  • You cannot enable this feature with older version of YouTube.You need to open your Google play store and update.
  • So keep on auto-update on, it will update the app whenever the internet is connected. Then you can see an open option in your latest version of YouTube.
  • Open the Latest version of the app
  • You will find a profile icon on the top right corner, click on it.
  • It opens a list of options on the screen

 Incognito Mode on YouTube

  • In the list of options you can find incognito and click on it to turn the incognito mode for your YouTube.
  • As soon as you turn on incognito mode your profile icon will be seen in a black incognito symbol and you will also receive a message saying that “you’re incognito Mode” in the button of the screen.

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