How to Download and Send free Stickers on Whatsapp

Here is the Process to Create your Own Custom Stickers on WhatsApp Chats.

One of the popular social media chat app whatsapp has made a new start of Stickers on whatsapp Android & ios to their users.These are very much similar to that of Snap chat or those from Facebook. Therefore the new trend of stickers has also been added by WhatsApp to its emojis and Gifs section. Both the Android and ios users can utilize these stickers on whatsapp .

Main Features:

  • WhatsApp encourages the third-party Sticker packs
  • Customers can make use of these stickers in their chats.

How can you Design your own Custom Stickers on Whatsapp?

stickers in whatsapp-ikvWhatsApp Stickers will make the chat interesting and allows the users to express their feelings in a different format.Stickers on whatsapp in Android has come up with 12 sticker packs whereas it also allows third-party stickers. The creation of third-party stickers app can be allowed by downloading them from Google play store. You will be having an opportunity to create your own stickers on whatsapp and make your chat colorful. To make this possible all you will need a third-party app. There is a possibility of adding 30 stickers together in one sticker pack. This feature has a simple condition that you need to create all 30 stickers at once because you cannot edit the sticker pack if you publish it on Whatsapp. You can make use of these stickers on whatsapp in your chats.

Process to Create your Own Stickers on Whatsapp Packs:

  • Click on your phone’s Google play store app and type ‘Sticker Maker for WhatsApp’ app in the search column.
  • Then click on Install and it starts Downloading the app.
  • You need to tap on the app and click on the new sticker pack option.
  • You will get an option to choose photos from your gallery or from other sources. Just choose the photo of your choice.
  •  Make required adjustments to the photo.
  • Then your own sticker with an edited photo will be added in the sticker pack, as mentioned above you need to create rest of the stickers at once before you publish your sticker pack in WhatsApp.
  •  After creating all the stickers you need to click on Publish Sticker Pack and make a confirmation.

stickers in whatsapp-ikv2

The entire process will help you to create your own sticker on whatsapp pack and these whatsapp new stickers will be added to the whatsapp app. You can send these free stickers on whatsapp to your contacts and make them surprise. You can be able to see your stickers on WhatsApp pack with the tray icon. Therefore all your contacts can see these chat stickers along with your name. If the WhatsApp users are not finding the new feature in their phone just go for an update,you can make availability of these stickers on the latest version.Stickers on Whatsapp android & ios users. Slide your finger to find Google play store app click on it and simply update your Whatsapp. The users can only make use of this feature until you update WhatsAPP. After all this stuff you will be providing an updated WhatsApp open the app, click on the emoji section you will find these stickers next to Gif icon.

Whatsapp Stickers apk free download for Android : Download Here

Whatsapp Stickers apk free download for IOS : Download Here



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