Instagram is Soon Going to Add Hindi Language to Support Indian Users

Instagram Hindi

Instagram is Starting to add Hindi Language so as to Expand its Users of India


  • Instagram is starting to add Hindi language support so as to expand its users of India
  • As we all know that other chat apps like Facebook and WhatsApp have already implemented multiple languages idea and now Instagram is also ahead to follow this new idea

According to 2018 data India is stated as one of the biggest place or market that serves Facebook.  It is said that India has approximately 294 million users of Facebook; this is the reason that made a lot of updates happening across all the segments of social media.

Facebook owned WhatsApp is receiving a lot of features and updates, whereas most of the people are working to give all the fake news in India related to these updates and features. There are various new features which are India-centric started by Facebook and now recently the other photo-sharing app Instagram which is also owned by Facebook is going to start a new feature Hindi language support to its users.

Instagram is starting to add Hindi language support so as to expand its users of India. Jane Manchun Wong an app researcher observed this feature in a beta version of Instagram. The screenshots which are shared by Wong, we can observe Instagram beta version with comments, settings, profile, IGTV section and everything in Hindi.

This feature is updated just to increase the users of Instagram in India.This new feature is already started by Facebook and WhatsApp and now Instagram is going in the same track.Instagram has undergone with various new features in this year. The most popular feature among all these is the IGTV, which is a long-form of the video feature that helps user in publishing long videos to a range of 60 minutes and also has a support for vertical viewing. Both iOS and Android users can utilize this feature.

We can find different channels in IGTV made by creators. If the user follows any of the creators on Instagram, then their IGTV channel can be shown in the news feed.  There is an opportunity to the users to create and upload their own IGTV videos in the app or web; with this they can start their own channel.

The other unique feature of Instagram is that it allows the users to add music in stories. Instagram Stories are similar to that of Snapchat; even these posts (videos, photos or audio files) will disappear after 24 hours

There is another interesting feature which is going to start by Instagram is that it will group all the college students depending on their college universities. This helps the college students to watch the direct message of their college information in the story based on community lists. Users can easily spot their list according to classes, which helps them to find their batchmates.

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