Is it Possible to Appear Facebook Offline.Let’s Know How?

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Incognito Mode is the Solution to Appear Facebook Offline Messenger 2018

It is a different feeling when you sit and enjoy being online on Facebook and your friends have no information regarding this, the best way is to enjoy on Facebook without showing online to others.Is it possible to do so, go deeply with this article to know interesting facts?

This fact is true; you can be appear offline Facebook.Any of your friends and family members will not have information regarding this,you can enjoy the chats with your loved one’s without others disturbance and can easily avoid unwanted chats or attention by facebook offline.

Desktop Procedure:

Step 1: Click on Facebook

You must enter your email address and password to open your Facebook account in Desktop or PC.This will locate on the top right corner of the screen.If you are already logged in then the above stuff is not necessary.

Step 2: Turning off active Status

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After you log in you will find a friends list column who are online on the right and at the bottom of that you can see a gear symbol click on it.You will find many options select the Turn of Active status bar.

Next there appears box asking you to select any one option from the three.They are turn off active status for all contacts,turn off active status on facebook Messenger for all contacts except and turn off active status for some contacts except. So you need to choose one which is comfortable for you.If you select the second or third option, you need to mention the contact names in the bar below.

Note: The most important point is that the last online tag will be appeared next to your name ,this will help to know the exact day you started turn off active status to your account.

Through Facebook App:

offline facebook- ikv

Step 1: You must Launch Facebook

You must log in the Facebook account, if you have not done so. If

Step 2: Access Settings

You will find three line bars on the top right corner of your phone screen.Click on it and swipe down to find Settings and Privacy section.Then there appears a settings bar on the top.

Step 3: Active Status Setting

 When you open the settings option there appears many headings with different options in it. As you swipe you can see a Privacy heading section.The column in that will be Active status bar.Click on it to open and swipe the bar to activate.

Through the Messenger App:

Step 1: You must Launch the App

This app is different from Facebook,even though you launched Facebook you need to launch messenger app to see all your chats. Here also there is a chance to turn off completely, so you need to turn off active status. You must sign in to do so.

Step 2: Click on Profile Icon

When you sign in the home tab appears, you should click on your profile which is on the top right corner.

Step 3: Turn off Active Status

As you click on the profile there appears different option. The top option will be Active status so click on it. Then swipe the bar to activate it. You must be active while doing so try to click on “show when you are active”.

Block the Unwanted Users

There can be few users whom you do not want to chat or look at their profile,at such situations you can block them.This will help you in not receiving any of the messages from them and even they will not have an option to see whether you are active or not.This is a biggest solution to avoid the unwanted people on Facebook by appear offline facebook and if you want to make a chat with them you should unblock first.

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