Lets us know the Latest Whatsapp Update for Android

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The Whatsapp Update for Android App are Available at Beta Version

Recently on Friday WhatsApp started to implement its new updates.In these Whatsapp Update for Android is going to launch features such as multi-Share,Audio Recording Preview and Group Call Shortcut.

The users who have beta version on their Android devices can make use of these new features.The complete detailed data will be available by WABetaInfo, a most important tool which tracks the information of WhatsApp. The users can Whatsapp Update for Android for new features at Google Play Store of beta program, but the user will not have the complete data.So before they roll out you can try the new features launched by Whatsapp Update for Android.

As soon as you sign in, the beta program will be placed in the WhatsApp.Therefore it helps you to experience new features as soon as your whatsapp latest update.If you are not interested with the whatsapp latest update you can move back to the normal version if you opt out the beta version.Let’s give a look to the new features of whatsapp latest update beta.

Group Calling Shortcut

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The specialty of this feature is that you can easily create a shortcut to make a call on group chats. These features will be available for the users only on whatsapp update for Android beta version. You can find this option on the top right of your group chat title/name. First the user needs to make a single call from their selected list members and later add the rest of the members. The user can only make this call to a limit of three members.

Multi Share Preview

The beauty of this feature is that WhatsApp will show a preview before you share any files or documents with more than one member at a time. This feature is only used to share files from other applications to multiple contacts.When the WhatsApp shows you preview you need to select to forward or cancel it.Like other features it is also available on whatsapp update for Android beta version.

Audio Preview

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This is a secure feature of whatsapp update for android.It allows the users to listen the audio before sharing it to any contact. Instead of sending wrong audio you can first listen the selected audio before sending it.This feature is applicable for the audio’s shared from other apps.The user cannot utilize this feature if he/she creates an audio within whatsapp update for android.

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