GIF Effects for Facebook Messenger

gif facebook

Users of Messenger can also make Changes by Adding Colours to their Chat with different Members. Recently Facebook’s Messenger Lite started various amazing features for their users such as GIF effects and many other customized features.  This is available only if you Download official Messenger app. Few months back product manager of Facebook reported that these GIF’s are not similar to the previous one, it’s because these GIF’s are animated. Users can express their feelings differently with these animated GIF ...

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Download Instagram Photos from any of your Device

instagram hindi

Let us Know the Complete Process of Downloading Instagram Photos from any Android Device The first thing comes to our mind when we talk about popular photo-sharing of Social media “Instagram”. Millions of people create their Instagram account and share their interesting photos.  But there arises a problem when you want to save a photo to your phone gallery. Let’s take an example if you clicked a picture with the Instagram in-app camera and forget to save that photo to ...

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How to Turn off Autoplay Video Feature over Facebook 2018

facebook privacy setting

The popular social media app Facebook is planning to develop its site and to increase the users started a new feature Facebook Video Autoplay. It is very helpful to many users in the world but there is another conflict with this feature because few users will not have speed internet facility. So those you have less speed of internet connection cannot make use of this new feature. Even the users who have limited monthly connection also come under same category.   ...

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Steps to Change the Call Ringtone of WhatsApp in Android and IOS

You can have a brief study about the Change of Call or Messages Ringtone over WhatsApp After a lot of difficulties WhatsApp decided to start a new feature VOIP last year. This new feature is now available over Android, ios Windows device. At present users are showing interest towards WhatsApp for Voice Calls instead of Skype and Viber, because installing two apps for the voice call is a bit difficult process. Now-a-days we can see many users are shifting to ...

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Is it Possible to Appear Facebook Offline.Let’s Know How?

incognito facebook

Incognito Mode is the Solution to Appear Facebook Offline Messenger 2018 It is a different feeling when you sit and enjoy being online on Facebook and your friends have no information regarding this, the best way is to enjoy on Facebook without showing online to others.Is it possible to do so, go deeply with this article to know interesting facts? This fact is true; you can be appear offline Facebook.Any of your friends and family members will not have information ...

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Process of taking Android Screenshot 2018

android screenshot

There are Four ways to Complete this Process and you can also Record the Process. Read till the End. The most known process to take Screenshot is to hold the Power Button and Volume-Down Button after that a flash appears on the Phone Screen and a notification will be seen on the top section of the phone.Notification will be visible if you slide down the screen and that image will be stored in the Gallery. There are few devices which ...

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Steps for Updating your Android Gadgets 2018

android update

Understand thoroughly the Steps to Install and Download Updated Android 2018 The biggest or critical situation is to keep your Phone Updated always, if you want to use new features on your phone it is sure that the phone must be updated. This is because all the devices do not work similar, so update is necessary. This situation may also arise when your phone or tablet is of older version or if it does not support the new versions. To ...

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Facebook is making out of your Status. Check out How It Can is Possible a Whatsapp Update!

whatsapp documents

A lot of new features launched in whatsapp status which are similar to Instagram and Snapchat stories. A biggest update in whatsapp Vice president “Chris Daniels” of whatsapp made a strong statement on Wednesday that they are going to start advertisement over status to the users. This is planned by the Facebook owned company to make money out of it. Daniels made his tour to India to share knowledge with the citizens of India regarding the chances of fake news, ...

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Process of Adding Songs to your Status over Facebook

add Facebook status song

Facebook has come up with different features and attracted its users. Now, it is going to start an amazing feature. Where users can add songs to their photos or videos and post it on status. This is already a trend feature on Instagram. We can see this new feature on Instagram and Facebook is going on the same way. Facebook has come up with different features and attracted its users. Now, it is going to start an amazing feature. Where ...

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Warming! Delete all your Whatsapp Messages

hide whatsapp profile picture whatsapp ads

The best app to make Private Messages is Whatsapp. This will be the answer that strikes first to every individual. Whatsapp is the popular chatting app in the words. It is one of the Facebook owned app. But according to the latest information, all the users are warned to delete their Whatsapp messages. Warming! Delete all your WP Messages According to some reports we got information that through WP 60 billion messages are sent daily and 1.5 million users are ...

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