You can Easily Send messages on WhatsApp without Saving Contact, Let’s Know How

Reply Privately

Here is the way you can make a chat to someone without adding the contact in your contact list. WhatsApp has been a part in your daily life. It is miserable to find a day without WhatsApp. As there are many other chatting apps in your phone but you always find simple and comfortable to make a chat through WhatsApp and it became one of the popular chat app across the world. Sending text through WhatsApp is very much simple ...

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How can you Keep your Facebook Account Private and Secure?

facebook privacy setting

Features:  Every day we find at least 2-3 questions that rise against the security problems of Facebook faced by the users. If you understand these simple steps you can secure the Facebook data Follow these Steps to keep your Facebook Account Secure and Maintain Private. Facebook is one of the popular apps where you can find a lot of information about you, but social media is not only a single company that runs all these apps. There are many third-party ...

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Instagram is Soon Going to Add Hindi Language to Support Indian Users

instagram hindi

Instagram is Starting to add Hindi Language so as to Expand its Users of India Features: Instagram is starting to add Hindi language support so as to expand its users of India As we all know that other chat apps like Facebook and WhatsApp have already implemented multiple languages idea and now Instagram is also ahead to follow this new idea According to 2018 data India is stated as one of the biggest place or market that serves Facebook.  It ...

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Facebook Messenger is Going to Start a New Format to Unsend Messages

unsend messages facebook

This new unsend feature of Facebook Messenger is undergoing the format and will be launching very soon. (Source: Reuters) The popular chat app, Facebook Messenger is going to help its users to delete the unsend messages very soon. The popular chat app, Facebook Messenger is going to help its users to delete the unsend messages very soon.A Twitter user by a name @ Matt Navarra reported to the Facebook Messenger regarding this development.The Twitter user observed this new unsend feature which ...

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WhatsApp Stickers not Available Even After Updating App?

WhatsApp Stickers not available

The New feature of WhatsApp Stickers is not available to few users even after following the updating process of the app from the Google play store. In such cases, the users need to install the app again manually by visiting the official website of WhatsApp. The new feature is available to all the IOS or Android users, the only thing is to update the app or install it manually. WhatsApp Stickers are recently popular in the social media and it ...

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How to Download and Send free Stickers on Whatsapp

stickers in whatsapp

Here is the Process to Create your Own Custom Stickers on WhatsApp Chats. One of the popular social media chat app whatsapp has made a new start of Stickers on whatsapp Android & ios to their users.These are very much similar to that of Snap chat or those from Facebook. Therefore the new trend of stickers has also been added by WhatsApp to its emojis and Gifs section. Both the Android and ios users can utilize these stickers on whatsapp ...

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