Process of taking Android Screenshot 2018

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There are Four ways to Complete this Process and you can also Record the Process. Read till the End.

The most known process to take Screenshot is to hold the Power Button and Volume-Down Button after that a flash appears on the Phone Screen and a notification will be seen on the top section of the phone.Notification will be visible if you slide down the screen and that image will be stored in the Gallery.

There are few devices which does not support the above process.In such situation the user has to hold the physical Home Button and Volume-Down Button.

There are other alternatives to take  Android Screenshot Device:

Google Assistant

In this process your device must have a Google Assistant which means it should be set with a voice command ‘Ok Google’ on any of the screen.If you go to the Google assistant to take a Screenshot you need to say “Ok Google take a Screenshot” of any Image or screen there appears a screenshot.

To make use of this process you need to launch Google Home app.First click on the Google account icon and then you will find settings,select assistant click on it and your phone will have the assistant devices. You must be keen to access the voice match.

The process is all set and you can easily take a Screenshot by saying ‘Ok Google’.

Screenshot Gestures

We find few phones particularly Android; have a different process to take Screenshot. It will allow the users to palm-swipe for taking a Screenshot. The user has to Download it first.

First open the Settings > Advanced Features > click on the Palm Swipe.

Then you need to close the menu and choose the screen you want to take the Android Screenshot and hold Capture. The Screenshot will appear.

Check for Screenshot Options Elsewhere in the UI

The other interesting process is you can even find a Screenshot Button in your device. Most common areas to find Screenshot is at the power option menu, notification section and quick ball. This can be possible if only your Device supports.

How to Record the Screen in Android Phone

At present Screenshot Recorder is available on every Android device. This feature is already built in on the Device and if not the user has to click on the Google play store app and search for the Screenshot recorder and install it.

Recently this feature is named as Riv Screenshot recorder and it is Free to install. The user has many choices to install this feature.


  • Click on the Install App.
  • You will get an Open Button tab on it.
  • Next Click on Start to Record your Screenshot.
  • When you have done with the Recording Press Stop.
  • You will see the recorded file in the main section with Playback, Share and Delete.

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