Process to Send Whatsapp Documents


Click on any Conversation

Select any chat over Whatsapp. If you have not yet made any chat with the selected person, you need to start a chat with them. You can send this document to an individual (or) a group.

Click Attach

The Process differs from each other to the users. Who use Iphone and Android?Coming to Iphone you can see a “+” Icon on your screen at the bottom. If the keyword is off and at top right corners.If it is on Next about Android, you will find a paperclip symbol so click on it.

Choose Option” Document”

As soon as you do the second step the document option appears. So click on it for further Process.

Selection of Required Document

You need select the document you want to send, and then press on “Send” button. As soon as you do that in a very short span the whatsapp document reaches to the selected person. It takes time for the larger document depending on your Internet Speed.

This is the simplest way to send whatsapp documents to anyone.It could be a presentation, Scanned, copy of any bills, follow the above process.

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