Process to Unlock your Phone with Fingerprint Scanner

unlock fingerprint scanner

Welcome to a Different Concept, Today lets Understand How to Unlock your Phone with Fingerprint

These very unique features on android.Today I am going to help you to find Fingerprint Option in your phone and tell you briefly about the process. This problem can be easily sorted if you read this article.

Why do we need fingerprint? How is it useful? Fingerprint can be also known as Biometric. This will unlock your android devices.It is used instead of passwords and pattern.You can even secure your personal files with this feature, Few years ago only highly defined Smartphone’s can make use of it,But at the time goes on this unlock fingerprint scanner is even available in all the Smartphone.

To make use of these features your device need to have a Unlock Fingerprint Scanner. Usually,This will be placed in the front or the backside of your device.

unlock fingerprint scanner

You are having a device with a Unlock Fingerprint Scanner,But still you are unable to operate the fingerprint unlock on your device.

Let’s Jump into the Process on How to Unlock Fingerprint

Steps to Unlock Fingerprint Scanner on Android

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Next you need to Open Security
  3. You will find Fingerprint Option. Tap on it
  4. Enter the Password of your phone.
  5. Click on: Add Fingerprint

Later you should place your finger on the fingerprint scanner and then after completion of scan Tap “Done”.

After following all the above mentioned data you can successfully use the fingerprint features on your device. You should also make sure that you are having all the correct settings such as “Power Button” which instantly unlocks your phones apart from this you should set a “Screen Back” Which is simple to unlock (fingerprint).

Note: Steps to be Followed Carefully

While you are placing your finger on the Scanner you should not hold on the scanner for too long,it shows “Error” underneath, you must move your finger so, that it can scan all parts of your finger.This is a simple suggestion.

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