Pubg Mobile Upcoming Features & Updates

pubg new updates & tips 2019-ikv

Play unknown battle grounds developers’ team has been keen on ensuring that the game stays on top of the list with constant updates. Thus ensuring the gamers find the game amazing. The games map design, weapons and vehicles is overwhelming.Everything you need to know about pubg news 2019.

Here are some of the improvements players can except in 2019

latest pubg mobile 2019-ikv

60 frames per second – The game plays for only 300 seconds per frame in 2019 that is expected to change to 60. These will improve reaction time and responsive game play.PUBG Mobile Beta 0.11.0 update.

Rewarding positive behavior it’s all about dedicated players and good sportsmanship rewarding the best behavior will keep the competing grounds clean.

Mobile Streaming tools only take screenshots in 2019. We expect a sharing and streaming option on our devices.

pubg news & features 2019-ikv

The size of the game is most likely to reduce to support devices which are low on storage space in 2019. It is expected the purchase of gears using the PUBG mobile currencies will be simplified so that players are able to purchase items easily

Once the updates are up and running the game will be like no other. It will be the best game for esport participants to play.

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