Sending Documents Using Whatsapp

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WhatsApp is a multipurpose messaging tool using which you can send Photos, Videos, Contacts and even documents. People primarily use it for texting but there are a selected few who take advantage of its varied features. It is very simple to use and is very user friendly. Most of its features are self explanatory.

Sending a document over whatsapp is a simple process of 4 steps.This process should not take more than 25-30 seconds. The time may slightly vary depending on size of the document. The steps provided are for the whatsapp mobile app. If you are using the desktop app the process is even simpler, you can use the paperclip icon on the top of the screen and attach the desired application.

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Click Attach

The process is different for Iphone users and Andriod users due the the difference in the User Interface. Open the required contact’s chat to whom the document needs to be sent.

For iPhone users: Click, the “+” icon is on the bottom left corner of the screen, a new window would pop up, now select document from it.

For Andriod Users: Click on the Paperclip icon on the right hand bottom of the screen. A new window would appear with different options. Select Document.

Select Document from the Menu

Once you have completed the above steps a new page would come up for you to select the required document that needs to be sent. And that’s about it, the document will be sent within a few seconds to the recipient.

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