Steps for Updating your Android Gadgets 2018

android upadte ikv043Understand thoroughly the Steps to Install and Download Updated Android 2018

The biggest or critical situation is to keep your Phone Updated always, if you want to use new features on your phone it is sure that the phone must be updated. This is because all the devices do not work similar, so update is necessary.

This situation may also arise when your phone or tablet is of older version or if it does not support the new versions. To solve this problem the user must change his/her phone or should adjust with the older features.

The other situation regarding this is that even the manufacturer’s face the problem to understand the version and operate it in their product. To complete all the above stuff it takes time so the user has to wait to update the phone or tablet and use the new features.

Case in Point: In the month of October 2018 there was a new launch of Android Oreo and only 21.5% users are running it which is an update version of 2017 operating system. There are few users who are still with their Android Pie which launched in August 2018.

Say you have a new version device; even then you need to check whether there is an Android update or have to install it.  If you have to install it read till the end you will find a solution.

Is your Android Up to Date?

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Every individual should know whether there is a new software in his phone or not, if not follow the process.

You will get a notification whenever there is an update to your device. Sometimes due to various other reasons you may not find the notifications. It could be due to the swipe of the notification without giving a read to it or lost among various other notifications, but do not worry you can find the update in the settings of your device.

There are different steps for different versions of Android so you must know your Android device version and you will find it easier. In most cases it has a similar process.

On the top section of your phone you will find a notification regarding update if you pull down the screen. Tap on the required icon and it open settings.

Next step is to click on System > System Update > you will find Update.

Later continue the steps below. If you do not find an option of update it is a sign that your device is already having a latest version of software.

Download and Install the Android Update

  • Whenever there is an update your phone will give a notification, so that the user can update the app.
  • To make update successful you need to connect your device with Wi-Fi connection as it takes long time to complete the whole process.
  • For this whole process you must select the Update Option and then click on it, later the Download will continue. After the completion of Download the Update is done.

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