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5 Tips to Keep your Whatsapp Secure

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Whatsapp is a popular platform on Social Media. This is a Best Chatting App in Global. The Fame brought a lot of attention towards it. Here Started journey of nefarious Sources Such as Hackers became the part of Whatsapp attention. So to keep all your Whatsapp Account Secure and avoid Unwanted Sources attention follows these 5 Simple Tips. Two-Step Verification This tip is very much helpful to the users. It gives an extra level of security to you. There will ...

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11 Whatsapp Hidden Features Worth Knowing

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Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most popular messaging application in the present day world. All its users are aware of the various features it has. But that’s only partially true. There are quite a few features which the users are still not quite aware of. We shall list down 11 whatsapp hidden features which the users should know for an optimum utilization of the application. These features are not visible evident but come in very handy as we use the app ...

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Sending Documents Using Whatsapp

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WhatsApp is a multipurpose messaging tool using which you can send Photos, Videos, Contacts and even documents. People primarily use it for texting but there are a selected few who take advantage of its varied features. It is very simple to use and is very user friendly. Most of its features are self explanatory. Sending a document over whatsapp is a simple process of 4 steps.This process should not take more than 25-30 seconds. The time may slightly vary depending ...

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Bored with the Regular Chat Background over WhatsApp? Let’s know the Easier Process to Change it.

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Follow this till the end to Change your WhatsApp Chat Background. WhatsApp is proving itself as a best and secure Chatting app. It has provided various different features to increase its users day by day. As we are talking about the new feature of changing the Chat Background, it will convert the White Background to Black Background. This is a very comfortable feature for the eyes of the users. The other useful facility for the users is that it will ...

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Amazing News! You can watch all the YouTube Videos within other Apps. Let’s know how?

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The Company Started its work on Upcoming New Feature Picture-in-Picture Mode over WhatsApp. Follow this News to know how it will Work. This is one of the important features on WhatsApp. This will allow the users to watch the Videos streaming on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram over WhatsApp. The users need not leave the WhatsApp chat to watch the sent link video. There is no need to open the third-party apps to watch the video. In earlier times there are no ...

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Lets us know the Latest Whatsapp Update for Android

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The Whatsapp Update for Android App are Available at Beta Version Recently on Friday WhatsApp started to implement its new updates.In these Whatsapp Update for Android is going to launch features such as multi-Share,Audio Recording Preview and Group Call Shortcut. The users who have beta version on their Android devices can make use of these new features.The complete detailed data will be available by WABetaInfo, a most important tool which tracks the information of WhatsApp. The users can Whatsapp Update ...

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Best Android Apps 2018 in the World

Most Popular Android Apps 2018

Today we are going to make your day and mood interesting by showing you amazing facts of World’s Best Android Apps. All these apps have become essentials in our life, we Download every different app from the well known technical app store of Google it’s our Google Play Store. 5 Best Android Apps 2018 We all are very much eager for the New Year to make different resolutions our social media has fulfilled all its 2018 resolutions by launching unique ...

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Steps to Change the Call Ringtone of WhatsApp in Android and IOS

You can have a brief study about the Change of Call or Messages Ringtone over WhatsApp After a lot of difficulties WhatsApp decided to start a new feature VOIP last year. This new feature is now available over Android, ios Windows device. At present users are showing interest towards WhatsApp for Voice Calls instead of Skype and Viber, because installing two apps for the voice call is a bit difficult process. Now-a-days we can see many users are shifting to ...

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Facebook is making out of your Status. Check out How It Can is Possible a Whatsapp Update!

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A lot of new features launched in whatsapp status which are similar to Instagram and Snapchat stories. A biggest update in whatsapp Vice president “Chris Daniels” of whatsapp made a strong statement on Wednesday that they are going to start advertisement over status to the users. This is planned by the Facebook owned company to make money out of it. Daniels made his tour to India to share knowledge with the citizens of India regarding the chances of fake news, ...

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Warming! Delete all your Whatsapp Messages

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The best app to make Private Messages is Whatsapp. This will be the answer that strikes first to every individual. Whatsapp is the popular chatting app in the words. It is one of the Facebook owned app. But according to the latest information, all the users are warned to delete their Whatsapp messages. Warming! Delete all your WP Messages According to some reports we got information that through WP 60 billion messages are sent daily and 1.5 million users are ...

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