Top 5 Best of 2018 Android PDF Reader Apps

pdf reader ikv

We all are very keen regarding the PDF Readers. They are stated as the complicate ones. We make use of these in our work to fill forms (or) to create something. These are even useful to read eBooks, but they create a lot disturbance. Here, you can have an idea of best 5 PDF Reader apps.

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In this Article we made a List of the Viewers:

1) Light Readers

2) The one who does not like ads

3) Free viewing apps

Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Adobe Acrobat Reader ikv

This is said to be the best PDF Reader Viewers show keen interest on abode acrobat both on Android and desktop. This is because it is very much helpful with its different features namely-receiving notes form filling and to add a signature.

There is another interesting feature as it supports Drop box. It also helps its viewers to convert the files into many other formats.

Google PDF Viewer:

google pdf viewer

When we talk about the free viewing apps Google is the one which first strikes to our brain, The Google PDF Viewer. It is also quite similar to other apps of PDF.

We can make use of

Google drive

Google Docs


As it a free viewer app, It is very basic reader. There are a lot of interesting features stuffed in Google.

There are no advertisements as we said already that it is a free viewing app.

WPS Office Suit:

WPS Office Suit ikv

This is a best PDF Reader app useful for the office purpose. It is very much similar to that of Microsoft office, but the difference is that it is used for android and tabs. Here, we have an availability of preparing word doc. Excel sheet and presentation.

It works exact the way Google does simple and fast to use and very much helpful to the viewers and has 100 million downloads on Google play.

Cam Scanner:

Cam Scanner ikv

The fourth best app of PDF Reader is Cam Scanner.  it is a popular app on android and also has 100 million downloads. This app made its place in the community with its unique features. The viewer can scan any of his/her file with the help of camera in his Smartphone and then convert that file into PDF. This looks exactly as photo copied.

Another interesting thing is that it allows sending fax and making notes. it give some more features such as extra log b of cloud storage different editing feature to the paid viewers, but it also provides enough stuff to the free viewers also.

EZPDF Reader:

EZPDF Reader ikv

The last app is the best one for both office use and other uses. Coming to office use it can convert the documents, fill the forms and make notes. The other uses Such as it are useful for the viewers to read eBooks on their tablets.

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