Top 5 Free Android Antivirus Apps to Secure Mobile for Virus

Free Android Antivirus Apps

In the modern world human without a Smart phone would be called a Myth. We use modern gadgets for many purpose for calling, chatting, video connects, click pictures, and capture moments in form of videos and clicks. Beside all this we use many apps in which we use lot of personal and confidential data. As our devices have all our details right from our birthday information to bank details do you think are we safe. Think of a situation where someone gets access of your devices with/without your consciousness and misuse your data for a crime or to blackmail you. In this fast growing world we have threats coming from online you in form of virus and hidden software’s through which fraudsters and hackers can access our data from any corner of this world.

It’s time for us to think how to secure our life by securing our gadgets. Having an Antivirus installed in our smart phone will secure our gadgets and life.

Phone without an Antivirus is Similar to an Unlocked Bicycle Left Roadside.

What all does an antivirus do? Anti-virus app detect the virus and prevents malware. Besides protecting our gadgets from dangerous virus it also track the location of the phone, backing up data, cleans my unnecessary file from phone to help processing time.

Antivirus also help us from opening the malicious web pages and file which can harm our gadgets.

Below are the top 5 free Antivirus available online:

Avast Mobile Security:

Avast Mobile security is ranked the best antivirus for Android phone with advanced features.Avast serves its customers through multiple formats like Avast for desktops, laptops,IOS devices, MAC books, smartphones etc.Avast is also serving the customer free of cost through Free antivirus app and this one of the most frequently downloaded antivirus app from Play store.

Free Android Antivirus Apps

Using this app you can scan and remove the corrupted files at one click and protect our gadgets  from all type of Virus.

Extra Features:

Call blocker


Power saver

Ram Booster


Web shield

In-App locking

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus:

Kaspersky is most of the best Security App in comparison with other best security App available.Even Kaspersky service it customers through different platforms and Antivirus app for Android phone is one among them .

Free Android Antivirus Apps

This app detects types of virus and malware and actions on them instantly. It blocks opening any potential threat file and websites.

Kaspersky Free Mobile antivirus has less feature when compared to Avast. It has features like scanning apps whereas the paid version comes with advanced features like Real-time protection, app locker etc.

McAfee Mobile Security & Lock:

McAfee Mobile Security is known for virus cleaner and  protecting and enhances the gadgets  performance  and also securing devices from Theft, identifying phone location, App locker ,Protection gadgets from virus . It also helps in backing up the SMS, contacts and data.

Free Android Antivirus Apps

It’s a user friendly app and comes with guided steps to use the app.It helps us blocking suspicious website and file. It also helps us to block call and sms from specified people.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free:

Bitdefender is know for it security feature. This is not an automatic app which run in background however it is more of manual work or we can schedule the scan timing. Benefits of this app is RAM and processors is not burdened all the time which adds life to battery.

Free Android Antivirus Apps

Paid version of this app comes with additional features like Anti-theft, App locker,etc.

Avira Antivirus Security:

Avira Antivirus is one of the trusted security apps. This app also comes with free and paid version. The best part of this free app is it comes with major features

Free Android Antivirus Apps

It scan the overall device including internal app, internal files and external storage units.

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