We can look our Friends Instagram Stories without their Knowledge? Let’s See How

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Instagram Stories are Similar to that of Whatsapp Status. This is a best Features, But it also have some Limitations. We can View the Story only to a limit of 24 hours. You can see the list of the Members who viewed your Story. There is an Amazing Feature where you can view instagram stories privately without Them Known.

But in Instagram we will not be having this Feature, so you have to take help of Third Party app to do so, follow this article to understand this Unique Feature.

Steps to Save the Contacts of Instagram Stories:

Story Saver App

Click on Google Play Store and Search for “Story Saver” app and Install it. This is only Applicable for Android User’s.

Account Details

After installing when you click on it. It asks the Details of your Instagram Account. Enter the Username and Password

Select any Contact Story

The Next step is that it shows a list of yours Friends Stories on the Main Menu. Select the Contact from the List and you even have an Option to type the Name of any Person. Who is not in Your Contact List and Later Click on “Go”.

Note: you should type the Correct Username who is not in your Contact.

Save the Selected Story

When you are done with the Third Step. The App gives you 3 Options:


Here you can easily repost the Saved Story on your Instagram Story. This is mostly not recommended from my Side. I particularly feel it’s not fair to post somebody else Story.


I totally recommended you to do so. You can Easily Save Someone else Story Mostly it could be a Video that can be Watched Later.


This is also similar to the Previous Option but here, you can even Share it to your Friends over Whatsapp.

Enjoying this Amazing Feature

Follow the above steps and enjoy watching your Friends Instagram Story without them knowing. This is the Interesting way to avoid being the part of Viewed List.

Note: This Information is just for an Interesting and Positive way of Watching your Friends Story. So Never Utilize this Feature for bad Intentions.

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