You can Easily Send messages on WhatsApp without Saving Contact, Let’s Know How

WhatsApp without Saving Contact

Here is the way you can make a chat to someone without adding the contact in your contact list.

WhatsApp has been a part in your daily life. It is miserable to find a day without WhatsApp. As there are many other chatting apps in your phone but you always find simple and comfortable to make a chat through WhatsApp and it became one of the popular chat app across the world.

Sending text through WhatsApp is very much simple like adding the all the correct numbers and saving it to your contact list. However, it is annoying to say that you need to save the person’s phone number in your phonebook before you make a chat with him or her. This becomes a problematic situation when you want to chat to a certain person only for a few messages.

For Example:

you just came across a flouriest number and want to make a look on his bouquet designs. You must save his contact and this will allows him to look at your WhatsApp profile photo which is open only to your added contacts.

So what can you do at such situations? What if you are willing to communicate for only a couple of days and leave later? How is it possible on WhatsApp without adding his or her number?

There are various third party apps that are allowed to use at such situations but these third-party apps will put your phone’s security list at stake. This process will make a disturbance in your entire phone’s operating system and can affect your phone activities. Therefore, it is a suggestion to get rid of all such apps and follow the simple steps to make a chat with someone on WhatsApp without adding up the contact.

  1. First open the browser that you always use in your phone.
  2. You need to type this link in the Address bar:
  3. Enter the contact number of the person with whom you want to send a WhatsApp message in the place of “number” in the link. There should be a country code to save the phone number.
  4.  Click Enter.
  5.  A WhatsApp window will open and asks whether you want to send a message to that phone number and makes a confirmation. Click on ‘Send Message‘.
  6.  You can look a WhatsApp chat window will be opened for that unsaved contact. Start Chatting.

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